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Welcome to Floofsters, a premier 1-on-1 dog grooming salon committed to making your pup's grooming experience as enjoyable as possible! We pride ourselves on offering a relaxed, safe environment where your furry friend can feel at ease and pampered. We utilize positive handling techniques to ensure your pet's comfort and happiness, turning the grooming process into a fun bonding session.

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Breed standard styling

Breed standard grooming involves maintaining dogs' appearances per breed-specific guidelines set by kennel clubs, enhancing natural features for shows or appearance upkeep.

Hand stripping

Hand stripping in dog grooming is a skilled technique of manually removing a dog's dead outer coat to promote new growth and maintain coat texture and color, often used on breeds with wiry or coarse hair like terriers and spaniels for a neat, well-groomed appearance.

Asian Fusion

Asian Fusion dog grooming is a contemporary style combining traditional Asian techniques with modern creativity, using scissoring, clipping, and artistic touches to create unique, visually appealing looks that showcase a dog's personality.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

Canine ultrasonic teeth cleaning, part of a comprehensive dental care routine, employs an ultrasonic toothbrush to create nanobubbles that remove tartar and plaque, preventing dental diseases, gum inflammation, and bad breath in dogs.
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